A light balanced diet

Less is more!

Intolerances to specific foodstuffs can occur whether in helathy persons or those with a digestive illness. This calls for a light balanced diet which differs from a normal balanced diet in terms of excluding foodstuffs or dishes that often trigger intolerances. It is also distinguished - despite these restrictions - by premium taste!

The principle of a light balanced diet

The light balanced diet (formerly known as a light diet or basic gastroenterological diet) is a form of diet that does not have a direct therapeutic effect. However, it is intended to contribute to the relief of individual digestive organs or the entire metabolic process.

Sense and purpose of this food form is therefore:

  • The avoidance of unspecific intolerances in the digestive tract and thus
  • Elimination of possible complaints such as diarrhoea, feeling of fullness, pain, pressure, nausea, which can occur with diseases in the digestive area.

The light balanced diet differs from the "normal" diet by omitting food, drinks and dishes which, according to experience, often cause intolerances in the various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

The light balanced diet is a complete, balanced diet that supplies the body with all necessary substances in sufficient quantities.


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