Standing up for animal welfare

Hülshorst takes action

All of our meat suppliers are visited and supervised by us personally, during these visits animal welfare is of great importance to us.

  • For instance, in cooperation with our suppliers we already managed to decrease the time any living animals has to be transported.
  • This subsequently means that the majority of the pigs, which we debone in-house, are only transported alive for 60 km.

Our meat suppliers are being evaluated by using animal welfare criteria. Especially important are:

  • Independent controls of husbandry conditions
  • Short routes of transportation of the animals
  • Safe and efficient anesthesia and slaughter, which is to be monitored by a camera
  • Constant improvement of the animals’ health by means of a perpetual exchange between butchers and fattener defined by scientifically judged health indicators
  • Continuous decrease of medication due to an intelligent husbandry

Hülshorst Feinkost is the third sustaining member of the animal welfare initiative “Initiative Tierwohl”! We are proud to announce that we continually and demonstrably improve the standards of livestock husbandry in the conventional keeping of productive livestock. We are able to support the livestocks’ welfare, due to our choice of suppliers and our constant supervision.

Approximately 530 million animals and 6,700 agricultural businesses are already participating in the initiative. Because of our contribution is it possible that even more measures to improve the animals’ welfare are investigated upon – like the testing of innovative actions concerning the keeping of animals – for example the preservation of the ring-tailed swine or the general construction of a barn.

The aforementioned initiative is the most effective, practicable and marketable program aimed at improving the well-being of livestock. It improves animal welfare on a broad scale and not just in a niche for a few animals.

Förderer Initiative Tierwohl

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