A responsible family-run business

Good meat has been our family tradition for over 30 years. In the 50s a small farming business developed into the Hülshorst slaughterhouse. The parents' house of our company founder Hubert Hülshorst. In 1989 our success story began in Harsewinkel. Initially a cutting plant for pigs, we soon began to produce excellent meat convenience products.

Successful meat convenience through taste, easy preparation, transparency and safety

We don’t only have products,

We have solutions for perfect preparation

Standing up for animal welfare

All of our meat suppliers are visited and supervised by us personally, during these visits animal welfare is of great importance to us.

Regionality: Commited to the region and its people.

For the HÜLSHORST FEINKOST GmbH regionality is more than just a trend. 85 % of our raw ingredients come from our local area.

Sustainability – People, animals and environment

As a family business from Westphalia, we produce sustainably produced food - in a beautiful environment.

We need employees.

Come  and join the

family business!

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