The best convenience meat for wholesalers

So that it has that homemade taste.

Ready in 2 min: Less time replaced by more quality

Dear Sir or Madam, food doesn’t just have to taste good, things must also go quickly. Your guests make these…

Turkey cordon bleu – naturally WITHOUT E-No.

Dear Sir or Madam, perfectly seasoned, deliciously filled and in a crispy coating – our turkey cordon bleu! Cut from…

The New Snack Catalog

The New Snack Catalog! Meat snacks are always a good idea! In our new snack catalog we present you our…

The current Hülshorst catalogs

The current Hülshorst catalogs. Here you can browse our current catalogs. Let yourself be inspired. We wish you a lot…

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The best convenience meat for bulk consumer Excellent meat and fresh ingredients – we use these to make the very…

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It feels great to have great products Safe food for a healthy diet Foodstuffs are a matter of trust. As…


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Menus rich in variety with our wide range of products

Excellent meat and fresh ingredients – we use these to make the very best deep-frozen products. Simply ideal for bulk consumer and system catering. Perfect for children, adults and senior citizens. How it should taste – like homemade. That’s our aim.

Home-cooking – popular around the world

Traditional home cooking, inspired by regional cuisine, including tasty burgers, succulent schnitzel and hearty roasts is the speciality of our convenience food experts in Westphalia. Plus HÜLSHORST FEINKOST has also mastered international cuisines, with Swedish meatballs, taco beef, cevapcici or lamb Salisbury steaks.

Cooking that saves time and energy

Plan your menus precisely with a wide and varied range of products: with HÜLSHORST you can go easy on the budget and still impress your customers. From an expertly cut roast to ready-fried minced meat: everything is deep-frozen, easy to store, quick to reconstitute and effortless to portion out. HÜLSHORST products give you the planning security that your customers also expect from you. You can rely on our top quality meat that has been superbly processed! What’s more, many of our products don’t contain additives. We also refrain from using flavour enhancers, etc. Look out for our quality seal!