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Foodstuffs are a matter of trust. As a family-run firm, we are fully aware of the great responsibility we carry for our customers, employees, end-consumers and the entire region.

Safe origins

We know our suppliers very well and have great regard for them - nevertheless, we monitor them carefully and regularly. Just as we constantly monitor the meat we process. We know where beef and other meat come from. That’s how it is and that’s how it will stay. Our pork is butchered in-house to satisfy the very highest of standards. Our superb beef and poultry are sourced from well-known, longstanding, qualified and certified partner firms – chiefly from the surrounding areas. Freshness and quality are subject to ongoing, strict testing.

“We produce safe foodstuffs ...”, HÜLSHORST FEINKOST can state with confidence, “... because independent laboratories test our products on a regular basis. Product safety has top priority.”

Safe procedures

Trained staff ensure reliable production workflows. The entire production is subject to on-going quality control. The company earned the IFS higher level certification for a good reason. And because we definitely have nothing to hide, authorities and auditors are welcome to inspect our works at any time.


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