A ray of chicken on the horizon

Dear sir or madam, we have got some news for you! What? Delicious roasted chickenbreast strips From where? We source fresh high-quality chicken breast from northern German suppliers, the animals grew up both in Germany and in neighboring countries. And then? The raw chicken breast is lightly seasoned, freshly cut and then fried without fat.

Into the pan!

Dear Sir or Madam, freshly fried, steaming hot and spreading enticing aromas, that is how delicious our meat stir-fries already are during production. But how can we make sure you get just that in your kitchen as well? Thanks to the I.Q.F.-technology: When fully roasted, each individual meat strip falls into -196°C cold liquid nitrogen.

Simply Burger! Quick, Safe, Delicious!

Dear Sir or Madam, This burger is just as a burger should be. Quickly prepared, safe and incredibly delicious! Burger made with beef minced medium-fine, 75% meat content, roasted, I.Q.F. deep-frozen, diameter: approx. 10 cm, 25 x 130 g 3 min / 6 pcs. 3 min / 3 pcs. 20 min / 120 pcs.

Now our smallest ones make a great impression

Dear Sir or Madam, Tradition in a new size: Our “ESS-Klasse” mini-party meatballs follow a tried and tested recipe – with only 15 grams tasty, light and versatile! approx. 15 g, made with fresh pork and beef, minced medium-fine. Tasty onion pieces, herbs and spices scattered visibly throughout, roasted, I.Q.F. deep-frozen

Astonishing: Poultry meatballs tastier than ever!

Dear Sir or Madam, sometimes the small things are the ones we like best. Just like our Poultry mince meatballs. Thanks to a refined recipe these little delicacies taste absolutely great!

Ready in 2 min: Less time replaced by more quality

Dear Sir or Madam, food doesn’t just have to taste good, things must also go quickly. Your guests make these demands and you do as well. And justifiably so! We have good news for you: Our first-class convenience solutions meet these requirements! See for yourself:

Turkey cordon bleu – naturally WITHOUT E-No.

Dear Sir or Madam, perfectly seasoned, deliciously filled and in a crispy coating – our turkey cordon bleu! Cut from turkey breast, filled with golden yellow melt-in-the-mouth Gouda cheese and succulent, spicy boiled turkey ham, encased in a crispy red golden crunch. Our tasty turkey cordon bleu: Naturally without E-No. golden yellow melt-in-the-mouth Gouda cheese,

Our Snacks – super-tasty and super-quick

Dear Sir or Madam, tasty snacks ready in no time – with Hülshorst that is possible now! For Hülshorst Convenience-Food is also suitable to be used as snacks. Weather schnitzel or steaks, gyros, roast or burger – see for yourself.

Turkey Mince, versatile, safe, price-conscious

The newest addition to our family of fried minced meat is now available! We are happy to present to you this excellent solution made of turkey. Turkey mince with wheat protein, neutrally seasoned, fried, I.Q.F. deep-frozen, 4 x 2.5 kg   How it should taste – like homemade. That‘s our aim. Less is often more,

Juicy beef strips

Juicy beef strips in the wrap, crispy on salad or as a fingerfood to delicious dips, to Stroganoff-Type, in casseroles stews or with cream sauce to ribbon noodles.

Balkanrolls from Hülshorst

Delicious, juicy, spicy – just great! Europe on the plate. This is how our Balkan rolls of Hülshorst taste. Taste and quality – all inclusive!

Leave in vacation!

Juicy, tasty, powerful flavor – this is how a holiday tastes!
Enjoy Mediterranean snacks like on holiday – with our succulent Souvlaki- and tandoori spits, or our delicious Balkan rolls.