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Dear Sir or Madam,

Tradition in a new size: Our “ESS-Klasse” mini-party meatballs follow a tried and tested recipe – with only 15 grams tasty, light and versatile!

“ESS-Klasse” mini-party meatballs

approx. 15 g, made with fresh pork and beef, minced medium-fine. Tasty onion pieces, herbs and spices scattered visibly throughout, roasted, I.Q.F. deep-frozen

Your advantages:

• Versatile and full of varation
• Especially good as a snack for in-between meals
• Ideal for catering or canteens
• Free of E Numbers: Natural Taste – No declaration on the menu
• Short regeneration times

approx. 2 min

approx. 4 min

approx. 13 min

Do you have your own ideas? Then try it yourself - it tastes like homemade!
We look forward to your suggestions.

If you have questions, please contact us! We like to help.

Greetings from Harsewinkel