Burger & Meatballs

Burgers made with great beef and pork. Quality you can taste!

There’s always an occasion for meatballs. Whether rissoles, burgers, patties or sliders, there are many common ways to describe this popular speciality. We have them all, whether small or large, made with pork, beef or poultry, and with or without onion. Always fresh and tasty.

Whether they are fried in our native rapeseed oil or roasted fat-free on Teflon: it’s in the preparation. A HÜLSHORST pan-cooked meatball is made from pork that has been butchered in-house, with classic seasonings, herbs, breadcrumbs, mustard and fresh onion – Hubert’s Best, homemade meatballs and the ESS class remain simply the most versatile and outstandingly tasty results on any menu.

Schnitzel & Steaks

To say schnitzel is to mean good meat. Pork tenderloin, topside and leg are all highly versatile. We turn them into schnitzel and cordon bleu, cooked or uncooked, but always in a crispy coating and with the finest seasonings. Titbits are perfect for those who like to snack, while a half pounder will satisfy anyone who is really hungry. Hot or cold, gratinated, au gratin or with fantastic sauces, schnitzel leaves plenty of space for creativity in the kitchen.

Ham and onion ‘mettwurst’

Finely ground pork, lightly salted and with the subtle flavour of onions. Easily available, creamy and always effortlessly spread, no change in colour and the same quality even after standing for a long time. Great for sandwiches! And also for snacks between meals – simply delicious!

Roasts and roulades

It doesn’t always have to be on a Sunday – a tasty roast and juicy roulade taste just as good on any other day of the week. And because everyone’s taste is different, HÜLSHORST FEINKOST even include the base for specific sauces to go with roast beef or marinated pot roast. Because natural stock is the best base.

Variations on stuffed pork roast bring variety to the table. Also for party buffets and front cooking. ‘Sous vide’ or traditionally cooked, our pork roast with crackling is always tender and juicy. And our roulades, either traditional or with just a vegetable filling, are of course a dream.

From Köttbullar to Burger

The housewives of Europe know quality when they see it. And have done for centuries. HÜLSHORST FEINKOST has been happy to borrow from this. With Swedish meatballs, pork meatballs, cevapcici and bifteki, this Westphalian firm is on a culinary journey from north to south.

Pork, beef and poultry, and various types and combinations of seasonings are guided by the philosophy: minced meat is perfect anywhere and anytime, and is varied, seasonable and versatile.

Nestled between a bun and salad as a burger or rounded into meatballs in a hearty stew – we have thought of everything.We have even thought of those who rely on a light, balanced diet. Light in summer, substantial in winter, our minced meat products enhance every menu for any age range. We select characteristic seasonings in keeping with the recipes of the countries of origin. To serve up holiday flavours on every single plate.

Gyros and meat skewers

Fried until crisp and deliciously aromatic – there is something highly authentic about meat skewers. Gyros and kebabs have long found their natural place in German cuisine. We take heed of this with our classic gyros rotisseries made with succulent pork, for small and large requirements from 3 to 33 kilogrammes. Also available with chicken kebab skewers using whole chunks of meat.

Perfect for the oven, frying pan or for summer barbecue delicacies: meat skewers with onions, assembled by hand on beechwood and with a hearty sauce. And of course XXL barbecue skewers, half a metre of finely cut pork shoulder with a tangy oil marinade, all carefully assembled by hand! A real attention-getter at any barbecue.

Meat strips – with pork, beef or poultry

For times when cooking has to happen fast, our products are the ideal and convenient solution to do justice to your own high standards. Whether pork strips or stroganoff, pan-cooked vegetables with fried strips of meat, cooked cubes of beef in a stew, salads topped with meat, a gyros or chicken stir-fry – with our different meat strips we have the right products to meet your expectations – all versatile to suit any age group or ethnicity.

Fried minced meat

Our minced meat products are pan-fried without fat. And all without E numbers! The authentic pan-fried flavour is preserved through I.Q.F. straight from the frying pan. In rolling batches, our minced meat is easy to portion out and to prepare. You can drastically reduce your cooking times while retaining the same high quality. The unbelievable variety of possible dishes ensures our mincemeat will be a firm favourite. Whether in chilli con carne, lasagne, meat-based sauces or stews, on pizzas, for casseroles, bruschetta and many more – there are no limits to your creativity!


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