Naturally …Less is more!

Our quality seals

Quality requires standards. And we set these very high. Newly developed products must fulfil all the requirements of a modern kitchen. We put this to the test. A new product is only launched once we are completely satisfied with it. Our quality seals make it very clear what is behind HÜLSHORST FEINKOST: every single one of our products is made in Germany. It is a tradition in our firm to only use safe procedures and meat of safe origin.


Safe procedures

Well-trained employees and safe procedures throughout the entire production process are subject to comprehensive, technological and electronic quality management. Quite rightly, the company has been awarded IFS certification. And because we certainly have nothing to hide, we always welcome site inspections by government agencies, customers and auditors.

unsere sicheren Arbeitsabläufe

A light balanced diet – for the sake of your health

Intolerances to specific foodstuffs can occur whether a person is healthy or has a digestive illness. This calls for a light balanced diet. This differs from a normal balanced diet in that it excludes foodstuffs or dishes that can often trigger intolerances. It is also distinguished by its very careful preparation.

Leichte Vollkost

I.Q.F. – cool benefits, icy process

Almost all HÜLSHORST products are flash frozen at -80 °C. Hence the description ‘individually quick frozen’ or I.Q.F. for short. Thanks to this technology, products processed in this way keep their original high quality and their considerable nutritional value. Flash freezing is a very fast withdrawal of heat with a rapid reduction in temperature to at least -18 ºC. This secures appearance, structure and taste right until the point of preparation. This has also proved successful with fruit and vegetables.

Individually Quick Frozen