Hülshorst Feinkost | since 1989

A responsible family-run business

We know: Foodstuffs are a matter of trust. Therefore we work conscientiously and behave responsibly when dealing with our

- customers
- employees
- and the entire region.

For us sustainability, regionality and animal welfare are more than just a trend. We invest in the future!

Plenty of delicious solutions

Tastes are different, which is why we have a grand choice of high-quality solutions that leave nobody hanging.

Our product finder helps you to keep an overview of our assortment. Whether you want traditional, homelike cuisine or international specialties, there is something for everyone: for bulk consumers, system catering as well as the snack sector.

Guarantor for Quality

Quality is a top priority for us!

- Safe origins
- Regular Monitoring
- Fresh meat, deboned in-house
- Trained staff
- Safe procedures

A new product is only launched once we are completely satisfied with it. It has to pass a number of meticulous test runs to achieve the best outcome possible. Produced in Germany without exception.


Look for the best convenience meat quickly & easily
in our entire product assortment!


You missed news or want to read up on our actions performed in the past? Then you should visit our archive in which you have access to all information, newly developed products or recipe ideas.

2020-06-18 09:36

Entdecken Sie unsere vielfältigen Convenience-Lösungen – schnell & einfach – finden Sie alles auf unserer neu gestalteten Internetseite!

2020-05-26 11:32

kurzfristig auf schwankende Gästezahlen reagieren können – das ist wichtig. Noch wichtiger, es muss sich rechnen! Wir haben ein paar Vorschläge für Sie...

2020-04-07 11:11

Was müssen Rindfleisch-Streifen Ihrer Meinung nach können? Schmecken sollten sie. Und vielseitig einzusetzen, schnell und sicher zuzubereiten
sollten sie sein...

2020-03-20 11:03

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, die Auswirkungen von COVID–19 betreffen uns alle. Die Ausbreitung der Pandemie sorgt international für Verunsicherung und Einschränkungen.

Naturally …

Less is more!

HÜLSHORST FEINKOST solutions displaying this quality seal contain no additives, and therefore no E numbers. Naturally, none of our recipes use ingredients like seasonings made with palm fat or artificial flavours. The natural taste of the best meat, good natural spices and herbs. So that it tastes like homemade! More information »

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