What do you think beef strips should be like?

The consequences COVID-19 entails affect us all. The spread of this pandemic causes uncertainty and restrictions around the globe. We too are concerned, but try to minimize the impact on you.

We have been thinking outside the box for some time now, exploring what culinary
highlights there are to be found around the world. And what we discovered is made
to be seen and tasted!

Tastes like homemade! With these strips you can make pasta, stroganoff and also good pizza. Delicately matured beef topside is lightly seasoned. Due to the fresh cutting and subsequent roasting, the strips have a great aroma and classic appearance.

with the Hülshorst roast classics you are always well prepared and able to
focus on what really matters – your guests.

Pabulum? No, thanks! With the HÜLSHORST burgers you always have something
special ready for your customers.

This newcomer appears price-conscious and tasty: the poultry version
of the classic Cevapcici scores big in terms of taste and bite. Also with
safety, speed and versatility, of course!

we have got some news for you!

freshly fried, steaming hot and spreading enticing aromas, that is how
delicious our meat stir-fries already are during production. But how can we
make sure you get just that in your kitchen as well?

This burger is just as a burger should be. Quickly prepared, safe and incredibly delicious!

Tradition in a new size: Our “ESS-Klasse” mini-party meatballs follow a tried and tested recipe – with only 15 grams tasty, light and versatile!

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