We are happy to present to you a new convenience solution...

We present to you: The range for improved animal welfare.

The best way to celebrate traditionally is with traditional delights. How about spicy mini pork knuckles as a tasty side to go with a pint of beer?

A colourful mixture of all kinds of salad and raw vegetables. Served with walnuts, mozzarella, grilled corn on the cob, boiled egg, fried quail egg and sesame seeds.

We want to make it easy for you, to bring this typical taste to the plates of your guests.

Regionality and animal welfare are issues that concern all of us!

How do you make your burgers a special treat for your guests? We are fascinated by the countless possibilities of preparing a delicious, juicy burger!

Köfte – this jewel of oriental cuisine is becoming increasingly popular.

Cook intelligently with us! For example, the delicious Viking pot with peas, carrots
and beef meatballs:

It’s winter. What would be really good in this cold and nasty weather? A hearty stew or a hot soup perhaps?

It’s time again for the classics: tender and juicy roasts.

Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, with the very finest meat and masterfully seasoned?

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