Animal welfare is close to our hearts

that's why we don't just talk about it, but
actively promote animal welfare:

We continually and demonstrably improve the standards of livestock husbandry in the conventional keeping of productive livestock. Animal welfare has a high priority in the in the selection of and cooperation with our suppliers. Together we have we have already achieved quite a lot, read more here.

But together we can achieve even more. As partner of the animal welfare initiative ITW, we want to improve animal welfare on a broad scale and not only in a niche for a few animals. Let's promote animal welfare together! We have created a range of delicious, versatile animal welfare convenience products for you, recognisable by the seal shown on the right.

  • Husbandry conditions 2 & 4
  • Reliably available
  • Affordable

First up we have a perfect all-rounder. Always frozen in sufficient quantities to
save space and be the basis for your delicious recipes – safe and smart cooking:

Get a complete overview in advance here.

Would you like to know more? Please feel free to contact
us directly.

Best regards from Harsewinkel!

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