Meat is a valuable part of a healthy diet – especially for kids and the elderly.

  • Many micronutrients such as iron
  • Rich in vitamins such as B12
  • Many favorable proteins

Having tasty meat-reduced options in the kitchen contributes to a varied and balanced diet.

Our recommendation:

Organic Beef Mince

Made from 60 % fresh organic beef (husbandry condition 4) and organic potatoes.

Neutrally seasoned, roasted, then directly IQF shock frozen in rolling batches. This ensures precise portioning capability.

Reliably available, affordable and practical and suitable for everyday use. Enables fast and safe cooking even with few staff.

Quick Bolognese

Versatile cooking

Calculation safe

By the way, also perfect for adding the frozen minced meat to the casserole or for quickly cooling down meals. Just add the frozen meat directly into the sauce – in 3 min cooled down to 5°C!

Would you like to learn more or order free samples? Please feel free to contact me directly.

Best regards from Harsewinkel!

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