We are green

As a family business from Westphalia, we are developing sustainably produced food  – and in beautiful surroundings at that! We feel committed to the environment, which is why we invested a great amount of money on our 30th anniversary so that we can act even more environmentally friendly, sustainably and save resources.

Latest energy efficient technology

During the extension and renovation of our production we paid special attention to using the latest energy efficient technology.

  • The new building was build keeping the KFW 55 standard in mind (primary energy usage & CO2 consumption only take up 55% of the legal demand)
  • Refrigerating plants, electric pumps and motors of all ventilation systems operate highly efficient
  • The switch from kryo refrigerating to a more efficient method of cooling saves a great amount of energy input of electricity externally. Therefore, it is possible to reduce the amount of CO2 by approximately 8.000 t.


Due to our production process, we are dealing with either very hot or freezing temperatures, which offers a great energy saving potential:

  • Waste heat of the refrigerating plants is used to heat water
  • Our ventilation system is equipped with a heat recovery system
  • Heat leading pipes are greatly insulated and we utilize environmentally friendly refrigerants with a high efficiency
  • An efficient cogeneration system is being utilized for a simultaneous production of electricity and heat


We want less waste! Therefore we are continuously optimising our packaging:

  • We already use about 35% less cardboard and 21% less plastic
  • Due to the recycling process of our packaging we were able to save many hundreds of tons of resources and greenhouse gases every year compared to primary production

As a result of the increase of weight of each pallet, we were able to minimize the space needed, and are therefore capable of reducing the trips we have to take to deliver our goods. We also value regional purchase greatly. Overall almost 70 % of our raw ingredients come from our federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia, 85 % even come from a radius of 150 km. This in conclusion means short delivery distances for us and an additional plus for people and environment.

Creating a livable environment

  • We planted 38 fruit trees of old regional kinds on our premises, including the “Schöne aus Wiedenbrück”, the star apple or the Stromberg plum among many others, additional to many bird and insect friendly plants
  • By setting up insect hotels as well as nesting boxes for sparrows and swallows in cooperation with NABU (Nature And Biodiversity Conservation Union) birds and insects feel at home here and are regular guests
  • The newly installed pond offers habitat to numerous amphibians and insects

All of these taken measures lead to the director Christoph Hülshorst happily saying: “We transformed an agroeconomical monoculture into a biotope.” In times in which some people are still deciding whether it is worth it to advocate for climate and environment, we are already doing it! We are aware of our responsibility!

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